Kevin Allison: The State, RISK!, and Terrible Jobs

Kevin Allison has one of the most successful live storytelling series and podcasts out there, RISK!, which encourages participants to tell raw, unfiltered stories. But before RISK!, Kevin garnered more than a decade of bad luck and bad jobs.

He became famous in his early 20’s after starring in The State, a hit sketch comedy series on MTV. But when the series ended, he struggled to find the success that came to him through TV.

Starting RISK! was a true leap of faith. He gambled his marriage, career, and money, but it eventually paid off. The hit show has developed a storytelling workshop, a book based on the show, and edited an Amazon Original book series, “This Can’t Be Happening.” He also wrote the book, "Two Henrys" which is part of the Amazon series.

In this episode, Kevin talks about terrible jobs, life after The State, and shares great advice for all creative folks out there.

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